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In some of our workplaces, we have or belong to a union. Most of you do not. As you are aware, union organizing efforts have taken a new direction in the past few years. The hard times, jobs being shipped overseas  and smarter employers  have limited union successes.  Many employees don’t even give a thought to belonging to a union.  All that is about to change.

Employers must post the attached NOTICE to advise all employees that they have the right to organize and join a union without threats or interference from their employer. This is the first time the right to organize message has been spelled out in detail for all employees to read and digest.   

November 17th  is the date that ALL EMPLOYERS, whether or not they have unions will have to post the NOTICE . There are a few exceptions to the posting requirement, such as those for public employers; however, for any employer who would be subject to the National Labor Relations Act, as nearly everyone is, they must post the NOTICE.

This requirement came 8/25/2011 from the National Labor Relations Board. The Rule directing the posting of the NOTICE emphasizes that the language of the NOTICE must be  unchanged. Employers need to post the NOTICE where they normally post EEO or other information to employees about their rights. If you place that type of information on a company or firm intranet, you must post the NOTICE there as well. If even less than a quarter of your employees do not speak, or are not proficient in English, you must also translate and post the NOTICE into their language(s).  

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This requirement will ensure that all employees are aware of their right to organize and join a union without threats or interference from their employer.


Failure to post the NOTICE will constitute an unfair Labor Practice (‘ULP’). Anyone who has defended a ULP Charge know  they are complicated, expensive proceedings.

This NOTICE will fuel additional controversy, and may even see court challenges.

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