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Regulatory Reform Package Passes Senate

Last week, the Michigan Senate passed a package of regulatory reform bills that limits state government power, forces departments to better explain actions taken, and creates a review process for best practices and rule making. 


One of the more noteworthy bills in the package is Senate Bill 272, which prevents state agencies from promulgating rules more stringent than the federal government. This bill is a step in the right direction for improving Michigan's regulatory environment. 


Other bills in the package include Senate Bill 277, which creates a program review process to help encourage the adoption of best practices; Senate Bill 279, which requires the Department of Environmental Quality to explain the need for all inspections and to provide a report to the Legislature of all inspections (It also requires the DEQ to use a "fair and equitable sampling process" in making determinations of who will receive inspections); and Senate Bill 278, which creates a process of review for all rules and requires departments to submit the rules that they intend to review each year. 


Each of these bills attempts to reduce government interference in the private sector by putting in place limits, reviews, and protections for the business community. We applaud our friends in the Michigan Senate for passing this package of bills. We are asking members of the State House to do the same.  

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