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Jackson County Chamber Political Action Committee


Since 1909, the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, now representing over 700 businesses, has served as the leading voice for the business community. The Chamber regularly supports legislation and regulations that reduce the cost of doing business in Michigan and oppose legislation that is over-burdensome and places Michigan-based businesses at a competitive disadvantage with businesses in other states. A natural component to the Chamber's successful public policy advocacy program is an aggressive, well-funded, highly organized political action committee. In 2013, the Chamber created a Political Action Committee to strengthen its influence and representation of member businesses.

What is the CHAMBER PAC?

The CHAMBER PAC is the non-partisan political action committee of the Jackson County Chamber, organized to defend and elect pro-business lawmakers and policies. The PAC is a separate entity from the Chamber and has its own bylaws. The PAC is registered with the Michigan Secretary of State and the Federal Elections Commission.

Who runs the CHAMBER PAC?

The CHAMBER PAC is run by an independent volunteer Board of Directors, appointed for 2-year terms. An elected Chairperson oversees the meetings. All members of the Chamber PAC must be members of the Jackson County Chamber.

Who contributes to the CHAMBER PAC?

Anyone can contribute to the CHAMBER PAC. The Chamber does not provide money to the PAC and the PAC is responsible for raising its own funds.

What is a typical donation amount?

CHAMBER PAC contribution amounts vary, from $50 to as much as $5,000. All contributions to the PAC are voluntary and are separate and segregated from the Chamber's general fund. Information about contributions to the PAC, as well as expenditures, is public information and will be reported and disclosed as required by law. Corporate checks will not be accepted.

How are candidates chosen for endorsement by the CHAMBER PAC?

The CHAMBER PAC will distribute a questionnaire on relevant business issues to registered candidates. Based on candidate responses, the CHAMBER PAC Board members conduct candidate interviews and review candidates’ voting records and backgrounds. A majority vote from the CHAMBER PAC Board is required for a candidate to receive endorsement.

Why should I contribute to the CHAMBER PAC?

Elected officials make decisions that will impact you and your business. By making a contribution to the CHAMBER PAC you are ensuring that candidates in favor of your business interests have a better chance of being elected.

Make your personal check out to Chamber PAC today!

For more information, contact Mindy Bradish-Orta at 517-782-8221 or Mindy@JacksonChamber.org.

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